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Black Rose & Organic Vanilla Raw Soap is a specialty bar manufactured by Yadain Cultural Solutions. We have designed this creative bar with Ground vanilla and rose petals to add a touch of elegance for the classical soap users. Only a hint of natural vanilla and rose can be detected by smell since we kept the traditional organic recipe at the fore-front of raw soap making. Rose petals were added during the cold process of this amazing soap, providing and heightening the many benefits that organic ingredients can provide for the skin. If you are a nutrients lover, then this raw soap is for you. It is perfect for dry skin, psoriasis, and for un-intended neglect of keeping the skin conditioned with necessary moisture. A fully alkaline soap bar, excellent for use on children of all ages and for people with unwanted skin irritation.

Specialty Raw Bar Soap: BLACK ROSE & ORGANIC VANILLA (10oz)

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  • Ground vanilla, vanilla root, rose water, rose petals, burdock root,honey powder, olive oil, french pink clay, rose stems


    ***As always, we infused all promised ingredients in every bottle to ensure quality results after every use***

  • Reduce wrinkles**


    Skin tigtening Ingredients**


    Very beneficial for dry skin and skin discoloration as well as hyper-pigmintation``


    Fully alkalined Raw Soap Bar with deep conditioning ingredients, excellent for soothing eczema and rashes``


    **Simple Ingredients With A Serious Purpose**

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