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Who Is Yadain Cultural Solutions LLC.
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In 1997 we began introducing natural body products from other companies to the sidewalks of Harlem, N.Y.C. From a small vending table, we were able to encourage the people of our community to consider a different approach to a healthier lifestyle. We provide natural alternatives to the chemically based skin & hair care products that are commonly used in today’s society. Our families, like most families, unfortunately, have suffered from various commonly known skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, and even some unexplained skin disorders. Hair loss, scalp disorders, and stagnant hair growth have haunted us for decades. We realized that the products we were using & selling actually contained harmful additives that caused most of these unpleasant conditions, contradicting the very nature of our purpose. Needless to say, those products that proclaimed to be all natural, were actually all-harmful. As a result of this, we found it necessary to manufacture an authentic natural solution… And we did. In 1997 we began manufacturing products with our two hands, which is the origin of our company’s name "Yadain"(meaning two hands in Arabic). By using the finest ingredients, we were able to formulate all natural & organic recipes, that are today, used as remedies to treat most skin and hair ailments; a suffering we have endured long enough. In 2005 we introduced our products to the communities of Philadelphia, New Jersey, & Delaware & now we are introducing it to the world. Thanks to the support of our consumers, in 2010 we were proud to announce our ongoing production of authentic natural skin & hair care products & our additional factory locations. With the support of our consumers, Yadain Cultural Solutions has managed to develop a world of natural skin and hair care products, a world that is no longer a movement but an evolution. Raw is right! That's Yadain Cultural Solutions.

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What Is The Meaning Of Yadain Cultural Solutions?

Yadain Cultural Solutions Company are manufacturers of innovative, herbal, and cosmetic solutions; without compromising by using harmful chemicals that can disturb the natural disposition of our hair and skin. We consider ourselves to be masters in handcrafted cosmetics, which sets us apart from the rest of the competition in the hair and skin care industry. We discovered a method to do large-scale manufacturing without relying on machinery. Every product is produced by "TWO HANDS", which is the meaning of the word "YADAIN" in the Arabic language. We found that quality cannot be controlled through excessive machinery usage, but only through real and live human supervision. Taking this reality seriously, our factories are facilitated to manufacture products using only two hands, so that we may monitor the quality of every product we design. Since we do not use strange emulsifiers or glycols to create consistency in our products, our recipes are based on diligent arm and hand work, to create an emulsion for every product we manufacture. The last part of the company's name "CULTURAL SOLUTIONS", reflect our purpose. We researched many cultures, regarding herbal remedies and natural ingredients, to use as a means of enhancement for our cosmetics. Thus, for every cultural herb or remedy we obtain, we utilize it as a "Solution" for all of our products. This includes ingredients that are known for its ability to heal, cure, or even reduce many skin and hair ailments. While some solutions work better for some and not others, we try to find additional solutions that will have an equal impact for those who need an alternative remedy.

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