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  • Citrus & Olive Butter Shampoo helps to condition the hair and scalp follicles by locking in moisture. Its deep hydrating ingredients work together to enrich the hair’s natural texture by restoring its healthy, elasticity and vitality. This deep cleansing shampoo strengthens hair, is a collagen booster, fights dandruff, improves blood circulation, and repairs. Not to mention, it provides soft, shiny, silky, and fuller hair, leaving the hair easier to manage and style.

    Signature Shampoo: Citrus Burst & Olive (8 oz.)

    SKU: sham0006
    $32.44 Regular Price
    $6.49Sale Price
    • Oranges for your hair:

      • Since oranges are rich in antioxidants, and other nutrients, they play a major role in facilitating hair growth.
      • The antioxidants fight off free radicals, preventing hair damage and boosting hair growth.
      • Oranges also contain vitamin B12 and vitamin E that further helps in repairing damaged hair follicles.

      Lemons for your hair:

      • Removes scalp build up. 
      • Promotes hair growth.
      • Lemons are rich in vitamin C. 
      • Maintains scalp health.
      • It helps control the production of oil on your scalp. 
      • Refreshes your hair.

      Grapeseed Essential Oil for your hair:

      • Helps with hair growth
      • Moisturizing
      • Smoothes and blocks split ends
      • Reduces dandruff
      • Strengthens weak or brittle hair
      • Reduces hair loss
      • Protects against UV damage
      • Soothes the scalp
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