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  • Carrot oil & Vitamin E Shampoo gently cleanses, while stimulating growth to new hair follicles and supplying much needed moisture to dry scalp due to its natural source of beta-carotene, vitamin e, and f. This product is also perfect for use before adding heat to hair; providing an extra layer of protection. The addition of carrot oil to your shampoo encourages your scalp to create more sebum, therefore moisturizing your hair and promoting overall hair health and shine.

    Signature Shampoo: Carrot Oil & Vitamin E (8oz)

    SKU: sham0004
    • Carrot Oil for your hair:

      • Encourages hair growth.
      • Prevents hair loss and the creation of split ends.
      • Eliminates dandruff and dry scalp.
      • Maintains moisture levels on the hair and scalp.

      Vitamin E for your hair:

      • Prevents hair loss
      • Improves scalp circulation
      • Balance oil production
      • Adds shine
      • Supports a health scalp



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