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Remove dead skin with Amazonian Nectar Body Scrub. Our scrub promotes efficient circulation and skin cell turnover. Also, smoothes and softens rough, dry skin, and draws out impurities and clears congestion. This scrub will remove toxins and dead cells from the surface of the skin, producing softer, more radiant skin while giving you a soft sweet scent.

Signature Body Scrub & Polish: AMAZONIAN NECTAR (12oz)

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  • Mango for your body:

    • Hydrates Skin. Mangoes are full of Antioxidants which are an amazing property in keeping the skin nourished
    • Improves Skin Tone
    • Healthy Skin
    • Prevents Acne Breakouts
    • Boosts the Immune System
    • Soothes Skin 
    • Promotes Collagen Production
    • Brightens Skin

    Lemon for your body:

    • Acne Treatment
    • Antimicrobial effects
    • Skin or hair lightening
    • Psoriasis and dandruff treatment
    • Increased Collagen

    Oranges for your body:

    • Oranges are extremely rich in Vitamin C, which helps to even out your skin tone and texture by supporting the production of Collagen. By restoring the elasticity in your skin, your complexion becomes firmer, more taut and wrinkles are banished.
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