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  • ***Attn: This Product contains no CBD ingredients or THC Our HempSeed Oil In the product is free from CBD and is derived from the seed and not the plant***


    This is one of our signature collections perfect for controlling hair breakage and helps to put a stop to hair thinning. Yadain Cultural Solutions Rosemary & Hempseed Hair Collection is infused with an abundance of hemseed oil as well as organic rosemary herb. This dual concoction will rapidly grow back stagnant hair while acting as a deep moisturizer and hair taming system. Excellent to repair split ends, strengthen hair from the roots, and is also know for helping to improve scalp circulation. All natural ingredients with a quality stamp gauranteed! 

    Rosemary & Hempseed Wild Growth Hair Collection *

    SKU: SKU: set0005
    $89.97 Regular Price
    $17.99Sale Price
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