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  • Hair Bomb Professional 6 is excellent for all hair types and a great alternative for restoring moisture to the hair and scalp. It will restore moisture without the saturation of excess oils for the purpose of deep conditioning. It is packed with 6 professional organic ingredients that are responsible for creating a better growth pattern with your hair and soothing tender scalp conditions. Lavender oil massaged daily into the scalp, has shown some promise for treating hair loss and tender scalp conditions. According to research subjects suffering from alopecia who used a variety of essential oils including lavender, had more hair growth than those who didn’t use lavender for these conditions. If you are having hair issues like eczema, psoriasis, and dry scalp, marshmallow root will provide you with mucilage (a gooey plant substance that provides a protective film) which is also a great source of proteins and vitamins for your hair. Chamomile provides many health benefits when consumed orally, but it can also be used topically on the hair and scalp. When used as a hair treatment, Chamomile can reduce dandruff, help promote hair growth, prevent split ends, and even lighten the hair strands. Chamomile is a plant that is part of the Daisy family. Increasing circulation with a vasodilator like peppermint could potentially improve hair growth and prevent some hair loss. Peppermint menthol also imparts a freshened smell and tingly sensation on the skin and scalp. You can reap these benefits by adding the essential oil to your beauty products.

    Professional 6 Rapid Growth: Hair Bomb Moisturizer (8oz)

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      • Accelerates Hair Growth
      • If the number of lose strands on your hairbrush giving you a stressful time, then you must try peppermint oil on your hair. With its stimulating properties, the oil easily penetrates deep in the scalp and stimulates your hair follicles. Further, the oil helps increase the blood circulation in your scalp, which results in better growth of hair.
      • Solves Dry Scalp Problems 
      • If your dry scalp irritates you, especially at night while sleeping, peppermint oil is a perfect solution for the same. Since it has excellent moisturising properties, regular use of peppermint oil will help in hydrating your dry scalp. All you need to do is to mix peppermint oil with any carrier oil like almond oil or olive oil and apply the mixture on your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap for 30 minutes and wash off with normal water. This will not only nourish your hair and scalp, but also moisturise it nicely. 
      • Strengthens The Roots 
      • Peppermint oil is rich in pulegone and mentone, which strengthens your hair roots and helps in preventing hair loss. You just need to apply peppermint oil directly on your scalp. Since peppermint oil has a little thick consistency, you can mix it with coconut oil as well.
      • Honey for hair conditioning:
      1. Conditioning treatments are designed to restore moisture to your hair. Many hair conditioning treatments also contain vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial ingredients. As it turns out, honey has moisturizing properties to help keep your hair conditioned and healthy. It also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.
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