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  • Showing love to your hair has never been easier. With the triple combo of olive oil, sage, and tea tree, this concoction becomes the ultimate hair treatment. By using this mixture, your hair will become more conditioned no matter the color or hair type. Also, say good bye to fly aways, split ends, and frizzy hair and begin your path to healthy, fuller, longer hair. So, when your Hair says thank you, we here at Yadain cultural solutions says your welcome.

    Olive Oil, Sage & Tea Tree Hair Treatment (8oz)

    SKU: hairoil0005
    • 100% Raw Olive Oil for your hair:

      • Hair will be stronger and healthier. 
      • It will repair those areas of your hair which are damaged or abused. 
      • Reduces frizziness. In some cases, it manages to eliminate it all together.
      • Leads the fight against split ends.
      • It will help you to treat any type of hair problem. We’re talking about irritations, itchiness or any type of wound.
      • You will never have head lice.
      • A magnificent moisturiser and will prevent your hair from becoming dry.
      • It will make your hair shinier
      • It’s a fantastic antidote for hair loss.

      Sage Oil for your hair:

      • Prevents hair loss
      • Restores shine to hair
      • Stimulates hair growth
      • Darkens hair
      • Acts as a lotion

      Aloe Vera for your hair:

      • Rejuvenates Dry Scalp And Hair. 
      • Relieves Dandruff And Itchy Scalp. 
      • Adds Soft Texture By Reducing Frizziness. 
      • Eliminates Microbial Infections. 
      • Curbs Hair Fall By Strengthening Hair Roots. 
      • Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth. 
      • Imparts Shine To Your Manes. 
      • Reduces Scalp Inflammation.


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