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  • Just like your favorite breakfast meal, Yadain Cultural Solutions created a product that'll awaken stagnate hair follicles, coat the hair with organic all-natural ingredients and make your hair feel and look thicker and fuller, up until your next wash day. Hair Gritz Luster Reparation + Roots stimulator & Hair Thickener loaded with Vitamin C, Omega and B complexes is a great bonus to use alongside your choice of Yadain's Shampoos' and Conditioners. It fights against split ends and stimulates rapid hair growth. Using Hair Gritz will add shine, luster, and stability and you will also experience ongoing progress that is unimagineable. It is the food for hair itself. Excellent for wavy, curly, and coarse hair. So, let not only your belly remind you of home but your hair too!

    Hair Gritz: Luster Reparation + Root Strengthener & Hair Thickener (8oz)

    SKU: oil0001
    $32.44 Regular Price
    $6.49Sale Price
    • Omega 9  for your hair:

      • Makes hair softer and manageable.
      • Controls water loss in hair.
      • Promotes heart health.
      • Balanced cholesterol levels.
      • Improving immune function.

      Omega 6 for your hair:

      • Stimulates hair growth.
      • Improves hair health.
      • Controls water loss in hair.
      • Improves scalp and skin condition.

      Calendula for your hair:

      • hydrate dry scalps
      • remove dandruff 
      • improve the condition of the scalp
      • protects the hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals

      Black Castor for your hair:

      • moisturize
      • thicken
      • strengthen
      • rapidly increase hair growth
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