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  • Green Drink Vitality, Adjustment, & Recovery Shampoo is an excellent potion to use for stubborn, wavy, and curly hair types. This recovery shampoo will assist in restoring lifeless hair and its follicles, while fighting dandruff and creating a defense barrier to keep hair healthy and strong. With our all-natural green ingredients, full of alkaline and vitamins, you will experience a complete solution for building hair vitality and an awesome fro! Make unruly and damaged hair, healthy, smooth, shiny, and manageable. This shampoo is excellent for managing the pH balance of hair. Green Drink is able to use moisture from the air to keep the hair hydrated 24 hours. Using this shampoo with its all-natural green ingredients will create a barrier between your hair and the environment, combating dryness and frizz. Awesome for those with oily hair and effective on dry and itchy scalp, no matter the hair types you can enjoy being tangle free, ready and able to accentuate your natural curl, leaving you off with a glamorous finish.

    Green Drink Vitality: Spring Back Adjustment & Recovery Shampoo (8oz)

    SKU: sham0007
    • Aloe Leaf for your hair:

      • Rejuvenates Dry Scalp And Hair. 
      • Relieves Dandruff And Itchy Scalp. 
      • Adds Soft Texture By Reducing Frizziness. 
      • Eliminates Microbial Infections. 
      • Curbs Hair Fall By Strengthening Hair Roots.  
      • Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth. 
      • Imparts Shine To Your Manes. 
      • Reduces Scalp Inflammation.

      Green Banana for your hair:


      • Important for Healthy Hair and Skin
      • Green bananas are rich in vitamins.
      • Raw bananas are especially rich in Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.
      • Vitamin C is important for healthy hair and skin.
      • It helps boost the immune system and protects your body from any damage caused by free radicals.

      Cassava Leaf for your hair:

      • Helps Your Hair Grow Faster.
      • If you are tired with the condition of your hair, especially because of its slow growth, I would definitely recommend Cassava. 
      • Controls Hair Fall
      • Provides Nourishment
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