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  • Green Drink Vitality Recovery Facial Mask helps skin to become more radiant with vitality. This purifying mask creates a barrier on the skin that protects against toxins and bacteria that may cause breakouts. It increases the circulation of blood on the face, resulting in a warmer more vibrant complexion. This facial mask Improves psoriasis, reduces skin impurities, and treats acne. It also reduces the apperances of pores by deep cleaning and removing impurities from your skin. If you need to balance your complexion, need help with oily skin, or just want your skin to feel rejuvenated, then use our mask. Green Drink Facial Mask also helps your skin absorb proteins, vitamins, and minerals leading to healthier cell regeneration and maintenance, making this powerful mixture a great addition to your skin care regimen. 

    Green Drink Vitality: Recovery Facial Mask (12oz) *EXCLUDED FROM ANY PROMO*

    SKU: SKU: facial0009
    • Seaweed Clay for your skin:

      • Help draw out buildup of impurities, dirt, and oils.
      • Visibly reduce the appearance of imperfections.
      • Clear the look of congested pores.
      • Gently cleanses stressed areas.

      Avocado Butter for your skin:

      • Soothes skin conditions
      • Prevents skin damage 
      • Improves skin elasticity  
      • Minimizes breakouts  
      • Improves overall skin health 
      • Prevents dry skin

      Grape Seeds for your skin:

      • moisturize skin
      • heal acne
      • lighten skin
      • tighten pores
      • reduce the appearance of scars
      • removes makeup
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