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  • In need of healthier locks and the elimination of split ends? This powerful oil mixture can get your hair to the level you desire by stopping split ends before they even begin.  It improves blood circulation, strengthens hairs, prevents split ends and breakage while also stimulating hair growth and helping with scalp eczema, rashes, and dermatitis. It also provides hair with a healthy beginning all the way to the end; all the while helping to protect the hair from the effects of the weather. It is great to help tame your healthy fro and excellent to reconstruct split ends.

    Carrot Oil & Vitamin E Hair Treatment (8oz)

    SKU: hairoil0010
    $32.44 Regular Price
    $6.49Sale Price
    • Carrot Oil for your hair:

      • Carrot oil provides tons of great benefits for both your hair and scalp. It encourages hair growth, prevents hair loss and the creation of split ends, and eliminates dandruff and dry scalp. Better yet, it also maintains moisture levels on the hair and scalp.

      Vitamin E Oil (cold pressed) for your hair:

      • Voluminous Hair
      • Highly promote hair growth
      • Improves the texture and volume of your tresses, making them stronger
      • Prevents Hair Loss
      • Goodbye To Dryness
      • Rejuvenates Scalp 
      • Prevents Split Ends

      Beta Carotene for your hair:

      • Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body which is necessary for all cell growth including hair cells.  Beta carotene is beneficial for your hair. It prevents dandruff and spurs hair growth. It also helps with hair thinning.




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