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BOOST Relaxing Massage Spread will enhance and revitalize the skin as well as relax stressed muscles, stimulating the senses without clogging pours or leaving a greasy residue. Our spread restores skin complexion, reduces psoriasis, assists in sealing up micro abrasions due to eczema breakouts, and is also anti-inflammatory with an anti-fungal formula. Highly beneficial ingredients to ensure that every use of this product is effective and purposeful. The use of this spread may help in the overall improvement of internal organ function and promote better blood circulation, helping to revitalize the skin and increase the flow of oxygen in the blood stream. This is a premium concoction to promote secure, physical, and mental relief through the use of an aromatic scent and our penetrating herbal ingredients.

BOOST Massage Balm/Body Spread: Relaxing (8oz)

SKU: spread0011
$32.44 Regular Price
$6.49Sale Price
  • Chamomille for the body:

    • Alleviates redness
    • Soothes sensitive skin
    • Relieves inflammation
    • Decreases signs of aging

    Frankincense for the body:

    • Reduces arthritis
    • Improves gut function
    • Improves asthma
    • Maintains oral health
    • May fight certain cancers

    Mango Butter for your body:

    • Softens skin
    • Protects against sun damage
    • Clears up stretch marks
    • Antibacterial and antimicrobial

    Cocoa Butter for your body:

    • Skin healing properties
    • Protect against sun damage
    • Healthier cholesterol levels
    • Reduced liver disease symptoms
    • Improved bone health

    Shea Butter for your body:

    • Boosts skin moisture
    • Its anti-inflammatory properties soothes skin problems
    • Heals cuts and scrapes
    • Helps fight breakouts 
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