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  • Blackseed is a powerful herb that has been used as a cure for approximately 2000 years. This shampoo removes lingering dandruff and bacteria, which may cause hair loss, without stripping the hair of it oil's that are necessary to maintain healthy strands. This process also helps to prevent shedding and split ends. Indulge and rebuild your hair and scalp with using Blackseed Scalp Renewal Deep Refinement Shampoo.

    Black Seed Scalp Renewal Deep Refinement Shampoo (8oz)

    SKU: sham0010
    • Raw Blackseed Oil for your hair:

      • antibacterial
      • antifungal
      • anti-inflammatory
      • antioxidant

      Vitamin E for your hair:

      • Prevent hair loss
      • Improves scalp circulation
      • Balances oil production
      • Adds shine
      • Supports a healthy scalp

      Jojoba Oil for your hair:

      • Moisturizes hair from the inside out
      • Promotes thickness
      • Nourishes hard to reach areas of curls
      • Reduces frizz
      • Maintain your scalp's natural balance
      • Controls dandruff
      • Encourages hair growth
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