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  • Our little ones deserve the world. That includes catering to their skin and hair needs. Babys go through many changes such as scaly, dry, and patchy skin. Their skin is thinner and more fragile than an adult's skin and they do need special care. We have manufactured a natural concentrated moisturizer and massage oil that can be used from head to toe, wet or dry skin/hair. This product was designed with a baby in mind.


    *Made with 100% Organic oils and Butters

    BayBee Basiks Moisturizing, Massage & Bath Oil

    SKU: baby0001
    $44.99 Regular Price
    $12.15Sale Price
    • Olive Oil for your body:

      • Moisturizes skin
      • Reduces signs of aging
      • Fights oxidative stress
      • Increases collage
      • Cleanses skin
      • Lowers risk of acne
      • Promotes wound healing
      • Has anti-inflammatory properties

      Sunflower Oil for your body:

      • Leaves pores unclogged
      • Offers sun protectection
      • Helps heal wounds

      Jojoba Oil for your body:

      • Moisturizing
      • An antioxidant
      • Noncomedogenic
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Helps control sebum production
      • May help promote collagen synthesis
      • Helps speed up wound healing
      • Soothes eczema, psoriasis, and other drying skin conditions
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