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Yadain's Cultural Solutions' Sweet Brooklyn Whipped Body Creme is filled with acai berries which are a brilliant anti-ageing agent: vitamin C is combined with vitamin A, which clears pores and increases collagen production, and so keeps your skin plump and wrinkle-free. Not to mention, this creme also treats acne and blemishes, provides relief to itchy and peeling skin, reduces stretch marks and the list continues!

Sweet Brooklyn Whipped Body Créme (12oz)

SKU: bdycream0006
$29.97 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
  • Triple Butter for your body:

    • Vitamins A, E, D, F, and C
    • Folate
    • Omega 9

    Frankincense & Myrrh for your body:

    • Regenerate the skin's protective barrier
    • Ease pain
    • Boost collagen
    • Elastin production

    Oats for your body:

    • Anti-inflammatory

    Grapeseed Oil:

    • Managaes acne
    • Linoleic Acid
    • Omega-6
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