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Butterscotch Amber Body Spread is an epic moisturizer with olive oil, antioxidants, and many other nourishing properties. Licorice root aids in removing dark marks while reducing wrinkles both resulting in a major skin transformation with constant use. The amazing aromatic delightful scent of Butterscotch and Amber enhances the mood for a clean fresh vibe.  Our spread strengthens connective tissues, has anti-aging properties, it is an antioxidant fortified, doesn't clog pores and is a cracked heel and skin repair. We have organized this creative product with you in mind, making sure that it is a product that will not only smell great, but nurse damaged skin and replenish skin cells by increasing alkaline levels within the skins collagen. 

Signature Antioxidant Body Spread: Butterscotch Amber (8oz)

SKU: spread0002
$32.44 Regular Price
$6.49Sale Price
  • Linoleic Acid for your body:

    • Fights acne and inflammation
    • Helps protect against UV Rays
    • Promotes cell turnover and smooth skin
    • Protects skin against infection and retains moisture

    Rosehip for your body:

    • Hydrates
    • Moisturizes
    • Helps exfoliate and helps brightens skin
    • Helps boost collagen formation
    • Helps reduce inflammation
    • Helps protect against sun damage
    • Helps reduce hyperpigmentation

    Citric Acid for your body:

    • Effectively exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.
    • As a chemical exfoliator, its unclog pores. 
    • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Helps to even skin tone 
    • Helps to brighten, soften and smooth the skin by targeting pigmentation and dark spots
    • Targets mild breakouts, such as spots and blackheads
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