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Yadain's Cultural Solutions' Organic Fruit Mix Whipped Body Creme promotes efficient circulation and skin cell turnover. It removes dead cells from the skin's surface, also assisting in fighting hyperpigmentation. Our Creme smoothes and softens rough, dry skin, draws out impurities, and clears congestion. Lastly, this mix frees you from ingrown hairs and smoothes out razor bumps.

Organic Fruit Mix Whipped Body Créme (12oz)

SKU: bdycream0002
$33.79 Regular Price
$33.45Sale Price
  • Vitamin C for your body:

    • Papaya
    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Orange
    • Guava
    • Grapefruit

    Vitamin E for your body:

    • Shea
    • Grapeseed Oil
    • Apricot Oil

    Omega-6/9 for your body:

    • Acai Berry

    Amino Acid for your body:

    • Avocados

    B6 for your body:

    • Banana
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