Famous for it's high content of EFA's ( Essential fatty acids), this hair collection is extremely beneficial for hair loss and correcting root damage as well as stimulating rapid hair growth.

No Sulfates 

No Formaldhydes,

No Parabens

No Mineral Oil

No petroleum

No Glycols

No Problems!



Full Hair Collection: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

SKU: set0002
  • Long Beautiful Hair shouldn't have to be a dream with Yadain Cultural SolutionsTM Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair System. Produced slightly different than its cousin oil, Yellow Castor,  the black ash that comes from the roasting of the castor bean in JBC, not only leaves a darker color but an increased pH (alkaline), which is great for the clarifying and opening of hair cuticles. This added bonus plus the Omega-6 fatty acids increases hair growth, thickens hair, reduces and prevents hair damage, eliminates dry hair, and makes the hair fuller and shinier. With this amazing vanilla grapefruit scent you'll enjoy this new hair regimen. So make your dream a reality with Yadain Cultural SolutionsTM. 5 pack Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

    • Bio-Keratin Alternative Anti-Frizz Hair Training Deep Conditioning Treatment
    • Omega9 Scalp Reform Anti-Inflammatory Dry Hair Reparation​​​​​​​
    • Hair and Scalp Flush Fortified Medicinal Rebuild Shampoo
    • Enriched Hair Butter W/ Olive Butter And Neem Oil
    • Enriched Hair Conditioner w/ Aloe, Tea Tree & Vitamin E