Just like your favorite breakfast meal, Yadain Cultural Solutions created a product that'll awaken stagnate hair follicles. Coat the hair with organic all-natural ingredients and make your hair feel and look thicker and fuller, up until your next wash day. Hair Gritz Luster Reparation + Roots stimulator & Hair Thickener loaded with Vitamin C, Omega and B complexes is a great bonus to use alongside your choice of Yadain's Shampoos' and Conditioners. So, let not only your belly remind you of home but your hair too!

Hair Gritz: Luster Reparation + Root Strengthener & Hair Thickener (8oz)

SKU: oil0001
    • roots strengthener
    • hair thickner
  • vitamin B12, B3, omega 3, omega 6, seaweed powder, ginger root, vitamin C, calendula,burdock root, olive butter, almond oil, aloe gel, mango oil, black castor, alfafa