Black seed & Avocado is excellent for blackseed lovers who are aware of the amazing benefits of "Black Cumin". It has the ability to heal a multitude of skin ailments without the use of harmful chemicals or over the counter generic creams and lotions. This is a formula whipped to perfection, helping to enhance your skin's natural texture and complexion, without harmful results. The benefits of blackseed are countless to mention all of them here, however, it is also known for being the "Amazing Herb". So amazing that many testify by the cure they received from it after just a few uses topically or orally! So why not try a scoop of this amazing whipped butter today, so you too can experience the many benefits of Yadain Cultural Solutions Blackseed & Avocado Whipped Butter!

Unscented Therapeutic Whipped Butter: Blackseed & Avocado (12oz)

SKU: therapeuticbutter012
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with every scoop*

    High Quality Concoction*

    Whipped to perfection*

    Traces of thick knots of butter due to the organic cold press mix*

    Packed with an abundance of blackseed herbal ingredients*

  • Shea butter, blackseed, avocado butter, avocado oil, blackseed oil, omega 3, vitamin c, essential fatty acids.

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