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  • Wind Bath & Massage Oil may be helpful to promote a clear mind after being used for a massage. It contains stimulating oils which may assist with mental sharpness while keeping you relieved after  experiencing fatigue and drowsiness. It may also assist  in blood circulation through the body while being massaged, making it great for meditation. This essential blend may have the potential to restore the mind, body, and spirit and also has a calming aroma which can relax the mind, body, and spirit as well.

    Bath & Massage Oil: WIND (8oz)

    SKU: SKU: bath0002
    • Peppermint for your body:

      • Has antibacterial properties.
      • Controls oil production.
      • Minimizes itching and inflammation.
      • Has antiviral properties.

      Vanilla for your body:

      •  Good for your heart.
      • Has healing properties.
      • Great for your hair.
      • Can help with anxiety.
      • Can reduce acne.
      • Promotes healthy digestion.
      • Aid weight loss.

      Mixed fruit for your body:

      • Balance oils
      • Moisturize
      • Fire up a healthy glow
      • Prevent premature aging
      • Ease inflammation

      Mango Butter for your body:

      • Softens skin
      • Protects against sun damage
      • Clears up stretch marks
      • Antibacterial and antimicrobial

      Cocoa Butter for your body:

      • Skin healing properties
      • Protect against sun damage
      • Healthier cholesterol levels
      • Reduced liver disease symptoms
      • Improved bone health

      Shea Butter for your body:

      • Boosts skin moisture
      • Its anti-inflammatory properties soothes skin problems
      • Heals cuts and scrapes
      • Helps fight breakouts 
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